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What is Ahead Technology, LLC?

Ahead. Princeton University defines 'ahead' as, "to a different or a more advanced time"

Technology. Princeton University defines 'technology' as, "the practical application of science to commerce or industry"

So, what is Ahead Technology? We are a company that is committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology, a company which is always looking toward the future. Why? Simple - we love technology! It's easy for us to keep our customers abreast of the latest and greatest, because we're always striving to play with that new piece of technology, that new "toy" or the next great invention.

What kind of technology?

Ahead Technology deals with four general types of technology.

  • Fully-integrated security, surveillance and access control systems.
  • Home Theater installation, modification and service
  • Home and corporate remote Help Desk
  • Installation, repair and servicing of computer workstations, servers, peripherals and network infrastructures.






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